dressed to kill.


Saska’s gaze immediately flickered to his zipper, a mischievous smirk playing across her lips, “I’d be happy to take a closer look, Professor, but first…” She forced him back down into his chair, “…Please, take a seat.”

She didn’t allow him time to potentially object, and instead, went right onto her knees. “Now I’m in a much better position to get as close a look as you need…” she purred, her hands sliding up his thighs and giving a slight squeeze.

He sat down with more force than necessary, his mind focused mostly on her lips. Elijah cleared his throat as he watched her go to her knees. This was not something he’d ever pictured himself doing. Too many morals. Too much respect for his students.

But she was so sexy and god, did he want her. He had since the first class. What he wouldn’t have given to shut that voice in his head up. But it was losing power, barely a whisper now as she ran her hands up his hips. “Jesus, Saska…” he muttered as his fingers trailed over her cheek.

Little Glass Vial || Elijah & Katerina


Katerina smiled a bit as he kissed her. She kissed him back heatedly and as soon as they were in the room alone she locked the door and pushed him onto the couch. Tugging up her skirt a bit, she straddled him and ran her fingers through his hair. 

She kissed him slowly and began to grind her hips against him. She could already feel how aroused he was, she had many ups and downs but he seemed to be a constant. Katerina was grateful for that, not that she’d admit it. But to her, there was no one who cared enough to be a constant. But she paid him to care for a little while at least.

He kept his lips on hers as she led him to the couch and growled softly as she pulled away. His dark eyes were used to the lack of light in these clubs, almost like he could see better in the dark now. Maybe that came from living in the shadows for so long. He wasn’t about to philosophize it when her skirt was hiked up and he got an unimpeded view of every inch of those legs of hers. And then they were around him. 

Elijah tangled his fingers in the thick cloud of her hair and kissed her, a hungry edge to his movements against her. He wanted her, he wanted her now, but god did he enjoy that dance before he slipped inside of her and she was his, only his, for that while. He wouldn’t admit it, but Elijah lived for those moments when he could forget everything and get lost in her. Katerina was his drug. His lips left hers to trail down her neck, taking in the scent of her. “Tell me you’re mine. Lie to me.”


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A keening cry of pleasure fell from the she-wolf’s parted lips as Elijah’s fangs sunk into the sensitive flesh of her neck. “Yes     " she breathed, "Yours."

And that was the absolute truth.

Saska was his, wholly and completely. She’d been enthralled from the very beginning. She’d been his from that first moment the Original’s eyes had fallen upon her. 

"Elijah     " her voice caught in her throat then, grip tightening on him in an attempt to pull him ever closer. God, she couldn’t get enough of him! Her claws shredding lines down the expanse of his back was more than adequate evidence of that. 

He’d sat up, letting her legs wrap around his hips as he drank, taking in her blood and giving up everything to her. His heart and body were hers. Everything. He drank another mouthful of her hot, wild blood and groaned against her skin.

Elijah retracted his fangs, his hands continuing to urge her hips along, he was on the brink. The vampire’s tongue darted out to catch a few errant drops of blood that escaped the wound and trailed to her chest. His body tensed as he bit his finger to rub the blood over her neck, healing the wound.

"Mine, you are mine," he growled as he pushed her to her back once more and thrust against her again, his hands caressing her thighs and up her curves even as he was punishing in the strength of his thrusts. "Cum for me."

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Going to be slower than normal here for a time. Not a lot of Elijah muse. Not a lot of will to be on him. I will be on to reply when the muse allows. I will also not be replying to greeters or anything we did not plot beforehand.

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Head Like a Hole | Elijah + Alexaria


"Yeah, because you could do so much damage with a ring and a wallet.” Her sarcasm conveyed that she was displeased about it too, but for her own reasons. They had her belongings too, the ring from her dead ex-fiance among the items.

"Exactly." She returned to her lighter mood, grinning as he wiggled his fingers. She could almost laugh and it felt odd, being so close to doing that in this place. They could laugh freely once they were out. 

She paused before answering his question, thinking it over. ”Well, with your,” she did as he had a moment ago to indicate compulsion. “We could get out on our own with all our stuff.” Her eyes darted towards the door, making sure no one was nearby before continuing. “You need blood though, Elijah. Maybe it could help you remember. I’ll give you mine til we can get bags, and I really do believe you can control yourself.” Her honesty was evident. “But if not,” she swallowed hard, glancing down before continuing. She didn’t like this line of thinking, that much was clear. “I’ll defend myself, and the last thing I want is to hurt you.”

He could actually snort at her tone. She was as angry at them as he was it seemed. It was good. They would be fine. They would get out of here and be better off. 

Elijah nodded. They could get out. They would. And he would help. It was going to be an adventure. Trying to find his memories. “It won’t even be hard.” He almost sounded proud of himself, for his ability to be able to help them gain freedom. All that stopped though and his face went blank. “I cannot take your blood. You’re my friend.” It was not something he felt comfortable doing. “I can wait. I don’t need a lot.”