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                                         Elijah Mikaelson                         Independent The Originals Character
                      “If I want something, 
             I’ll take it. And nothing-
                  -will stand in my way.”
☓ 5 1/2 years RP experience. 3 on Tumblr. ☓ Mun and muse are both of age☓ Multiverse/ship and crossover friendly☓ Adaptive RPer prefers multipara RP with lots of story☓ Friendly mun, Skype available on request☓ NSFW photos, language, and topics tagged

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                                         Elijah Mikaelson
                         Independent The Originals Character

                      “If I want something,

             I’ll take it. And nothing-


                  -will stand in my way.

☓ 5 1/2 years RP experience. 3 on Tumblr. 
☓ Mun and muse are both of age
☓ Multiverse/ship and crossover friendly
☓ Adaptive RPer prefers multipara RP with lots of story
☓ Friendly mun, Skype available on request
☓ NSFW photos, language, and topics tagged

#nsfw  #desires    
                                                  it’s a dog-eat-dog world
                                          and i’ve got bigger teeth than you
#desires  #nsfw  #slightly    
A teeny announcement

Hi everyone. Your friendly mun, Dawn, here.

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So I was bored and decided to make a follow forever. I love you all for following me and even if you’re not on here, I still love each and every one of you dearly, I honestly can’t express how much.

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I Smell Blood | Jules & Elijah


“Thank you.” She spat out those words in a hiss. “For making me drink your blood – eww, by the way – and essentially keeping me hostage.” She pursed her lips before sliding to a stop when he stepped in her way. Damn it. He was moving too fast, keeping her trapped and it grated at her nerves. She wasn’t a fan of that. It made her want to hurt him.

“Maybe a knife to slice that stupid smirk off your face.” It wasn’t stupid. It was attractive. Very. If she hadn’t been freaking out with dried blood on her lips and dress, then she would’ve hit on him.

“What the fuck is going on here? Wh-what did you do to me?” Standing was proving to be an effort and she tried to make it seem like it wasn’t. Her head ached, her limbs felt heaving and she had to keep blinking so that she could try to adjust to the light behind him.

“Answer me honestly and I’ll make your death quick.” Said the girl that found it hard to stand without swaying.

“For saving your ungrateful little life,” he snapped. Elijah kept in front of her, no matter where she moved. He could do this all day and night. “My blood, that you just ew’d, is what has kept you alive. And if you don’t drink what I give you, you will die, you stupid girl!”

Emotions were running high, they had only hours, and he wanted to make her drink. Now. “I can break your hands if you try…” he threatened. Elijah was not in the mood to play nursemaid. She would drink or she would die. One last chance.

His jaw clenched. “You can’t kill me, but you want honesty?” Elijah smiled, a cold smile. “You’re turning into a vampire, like me.” To prove it, he shifted, his face changing until his fangs were out. “And you will drink or I will hold you down and force you to.”



"So you’ve done it and experimented enough to find it boring?" Bonnie raised a brow, surprised, "I just thought you were always really buttoned up and straight laced." She wasn’t implying that she thought he was a virgin, she just didn’t think it was one of those things with him. She had been talking around her thumb, then pulled it out of her mouth to show him the thin cut, "Accidentally cut myself." And the open flesh oozed more blood and she put it back into her mouth, taking a step back from him. She didn’t want him to think it was an offer or that she would offer him her blood.

He shot her a look and then snorted. “You saw what you wanted to see. Or what I wanted you to see. Just because I look the part of a man who cannot loosen up, does not mean I am so.” Elijah shook his head. “I can be both straight-laced and more. You just need to look harder..”