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I Smell Blood | Jules & Elijah


“Thank you.” She spat out those words in a hiss. “For making me drink your blood – eww, by the way – and essentially keeping me hostage.” She pursed her lips before sliding to a stop when he stepped in her way. Damn it. He was moving too fast, keeping her trapped and it grated at her nerves. She wasn’t a fan of that. It made her want to hurt him.

“Maybe a knife to slice that stupid smirk off your face.” It wasn’t stupid. It was attractive. Very. If she hadn’t been freaking out with dried blood on her lips and dress, then she would’ve hit on him.

“What the fuck is going on here? Wh-what did you do to me?” Standing was proving to be an effort and she tried to make it seem like it wasn’t. Her head ached, her limbs felt heaving and she had to keep blinking so that she could try to adjust to the light behind him.

“Answer me honestly and I’ll make your death quick.” Said the girl that found it hard to stand without swaying.

“For saving your ungrateful little life,” he snapped. Elijah kept in front of her, no matter where she moved. He could do this all day and night. “My blood, that you just ew’d, is what has kept you alive. And if you don’t drink what I give you, you will die, you stupid girl!”

Emotions were running high, they had only hours, and he wanted to make her drink. Now. “I can break your hands if you try…” he threatened. Elijah was not in the mood to play nursemaid. She would drink or she would die. One last chance.

His jaw clenched. “You can’t kill me, but you want honesty?” Elijah smiled, a cold smile. “You’re turning into a vampire, like me.” To prove it, he shifted, his face changing until his fangs were out. “And you will drink or I will hold you down and force you to.”



"So you’ve done it and experimented enough to find it boring?" Bonnie raised a brow, surprised, "I just thought you were always really buttoned up and straight laced." She wasn’t implying that she thought he was a virgin, she just didn’t think it was one of those things with him. She had been talking around her thumb, then pulled it out of her mouth to show him the thin cut, "Accidentally cut myself." And the open flesh oozed more blood and she put it back into her mouth, taking a step back from him. She didn’t want him to think it was an offer or that she would offer him her blood.

He shot her a look and then snorted. “You saw what you wanted to see. Or what I wanted you to see. Just because I look the part of a man who cannot loosen up, does not mean I am so.” Elijah shook his head. “I can be both straight-laced and more. You just need to look harder..”

Howl || Katerina & Elijah


Katerina watched him and rumbled a happy growl, her ears laying back as he approached to inspect her now healing wounds. They still stung a little but she knew once she started running, it would fade. She took off after him. It had been a while since she had an actually relaxing run with another wolf. In her pack things had been so intense and violent as of late. There was no fun to be had in such an environment. 

She bumped into him playfully as she ran faster and faster, soon passing him completely. She was very, very fast. Always had been, she was glad she was. If she hadn’t been, her final run with her old pack would have been fatal. Generally she didn’t accept or want help from anyone else, but Elijah was good. She could feel it and see it and was glad she hadn’t been stubborn like she normally would have.

Elijah concluded her wounds would heal before the hour was up, and raced to the woods. He needed the run just as badly as her. Adrenaline had pumped through him as he had worked to fix her up, it had made him antsy. He led her away from the area where his pack was living. Their territory was large, so there was plenty of room to run without running into anyone who might object to a female of the rival pack being on their turf. He’d deal with that later.

He chuffed out what passed for a laugh as she passed him by. She was fast. He was not the fastest in his pack, but he knew how to beat the ones who dared race him. Elijah was not interested in that today. He wanted to keep close to her, just in case.

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Cara smiled in return, “You’d be surprised how many people would’ve walked on by. Please, let me do something for you in return. Do you like tea? There’s a great tea house one street over.”

Her smile widened, “Am I? Well, then, I’ll have to keep an eye on it. I know how competitive we book collectors can be.”

“I do like tea.” He chuckled. “It’s the accent, yes? Making you suggest tea..” Elijah offered her his arm. “Too many today are rushing and forget to help each other. It’s a sad state of affairs.”

He snorted. “I swear on my honor your book is safe…”

Aftermath | Saslijah


The sense of calm she was getting from Elijah was even more infuriating. How could he be so nonchalant about all of this?! “If it was up to you, Elijah, we wouldn’t discuss it at all,” Saska snapped, pushing past the Original and storming angrily up the stairs. If she had been thinking rationally, the she-wolf would have realized just how childish she was acting. She was, for all intents and purposes, having a tantrum.

She didn’t even bother waiting for Elijah before she entered the apartment, pulling off her jacket and throwing it down on the nearby couch before stalked off to the bedroom. 

So much for having a fun night out with Rebekah…

Elijah stopped on his way up to the apartment, his arms crossed, as he gave her some moments to compose herself. Or wind up her tantrum more. He was not sure which. One hundred beats of a human heart later, he continued on his way, opening the door and locking it after himself.

He waited to see if she would come from the bedroom. When it was clear she was not, he moved in that direction himself, stopping for a drink on the way. The vampire peered into the bedroom at the she-wolf. “Are you quite done with your snit? I’d rather like to have a chat with you.”

morsusdelirium{I missed you so here have this} Nicole's wolf form was different then Niklaus' she was large then a normal wolf and her fur long and black. Elijah had been resting when she entered, feeling a bit lonely she padded to his bed and climbed up. Nicole laid next to the older Mikaelson letting her soft head nuzzle into his chest.



Elijah swam up from the depths of sleep to feel warm fur next to him. With his family, this was not abnormal. He cracked one eye open and stretched. “I do hope you won’t shed.”


She shifted revealing her soft bare flesh,”You don’t get to sleep.” Nikola climbed onto him before laying so she’s face to face with him.

Elijah smiled indulgently at her and ran his fingers through her hair. “And what do you have in mind, Nikola?”

Is it time? | Talijah


Tatia had to catch her breath. That last contraction felt like hell. And she was sure that the next ones after that would be just as bad. Tatia was trying to do her breathing exercises when another one hit. She was thankfully that Elijah had found them. She couldn’t do this without him there. She could but she didn’t want to. Plus she wanted him to be there to hold their darling little baby.

When the doctor told her to push through the contractions since she was fully diulated now she nodded weakly. When she was in pain before now she must have started going to labor and when her water broke things must have started moving along a lot more quickly. She gripped Elijah’s hand until her own was white and she pushed relaxing when needed.

Elijah held her hand, overwhemed by how how fast things were happening. He hadn’t had a moment to catch his breath since her pains started. Nervousness coursed through him as he watched his Tatia going through so much pain to bring their baby ito the world.

She sueezed his hand until bones cracked but he didn’t feel it. Not while focused on helping her breathe and getting through the shock of their child being so early.

And It All Came Tumbling Down | Kalijah


Katerina grasped the arm of her chair as he attempted to override the compulsion which ruled her mind. She almost had a hint of something once again, but it was ripped away from her. A few stray tears rolled down her cheeks but it cleared up quickly. “You must have me confused with someone else.”she said. Her brain felt like it was melting, she placed her free hand on her forehead. “I have to go.”

Two hybrids showed up in the doorway moments later, waiting patiently as she walked towards the door. “Klaus requests you come along as well.”one of them spoke up glancing to him as the other guided Katerina down the hall. 

Elijah was starting to feel hopeful when she seemed to snap, and the connection to his mind broke. He sighed, his body crumpling like he’d been delivered a blow. This was the worst thing his brother could do to him and he knew it. The bastard would pay. Dearly and painfully.

The Original sneered at the hybrids and stood to follow Katerina. “And when my brother says jump, we all jump…” He ran a hand through his hair and followed her, imagining the suffering he would deal to his loving brother. He thought to perhaps use Rebekah… but no. That was not a cruelty that he could inflict on her.